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  You can look into his eyes and see many things. Some see power and strength. Others may see peace and gentleness. It's only when you look deeper that you realise that he is all of these things. The equestrian world is too complex to understand alone, but together we just might one day know everything about this beautiful animal we call the horse.

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  Welcome to my blog! I have written about different topics involving the horse. I believe that it doesn't matter what discipline you ride, what matters is our equine friends. The horse is able to do all disciplines, yet he is still the same animal. His needs and spirit remain the same. As a rider, I've been trained in the eventing and the hunter/jumper disciplines. So, even though I try to make my posts appeal to everyone who loves horses, they may be more directed to those disciplines as opposed to others.

  Please note that I do not take credit for any of the content that is not my own that I post on this blog. All of the pictures and videos will have captions under them listing which websites I found them on (just like the picture posted above). The information used will also have links to whichever website I took them from. Any pictures or videos that are my own will also have a caption beneath them.

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